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What does Ruga mean in Urban Dictionary? Gastric rugae are folded in the stomach tissue when the stomach is not full. Ruga synonyms ruga translation, ruga pronunciation English dictionary definition of ruga. No chance of failure.

Pesce ruga urbandictionary. Ma non erano le mie e le stavo fine ruga. ) short form of Ruga Rell ( also Ruger Rell) that' s another name of Dipset rapper Hell Rell 2. Take your Spanish to the next level with Paul' s tried and tested method. Next Steps is an intermediate course, which follows on from the Complete Spanish Beginner' s course - available to pre- order now! Gastric rugae are evident only when a tissue organ is deflated gae is a term used in anatomy that refers to a series of ridges produced by folding of the wall of an organ. When the stomach is full the rugae unfold which allows the stomach to expand. ) short form of Ruga Rell ( in addition Ruger Rell) that is another title. Pesce unknown One who doesn' t eat meat, except for the meat of a man Look at that Pesce over there - he won' t eat meat but he won' t hesitate to take bite out of George' s sausage. Pesce ruga urbandictionary.
) another word for a gun, especially used by Hell Rell 1. Ru′ gate′ adj.

Ru· gae Biology often rugas A fold crease, wrinkle as in the lining of the stomach. ) Hell Rell : " Mister Ruga Ruga, I' m a shoota shoota! The word derives from the Greek, meaning " a man who does not bend". The ' ndrina ( Italian pronunciation: plural: ' ndrine) is the basic unit of the ' Ndrangheta of Calabria, made up of blood relatives, is the equivalent of the Sicilian Mafia’ s " family" cosca. When the stomach empties the rugae unfold the stomach goes back to its original size. Each ' ndrina is " autonomous on its territory and no formal authority stands above the ' ndrina boss. : The intense need to fit some body out of frustration; An Estonian family members title. No rote memorization. Audio pronunciations quizzes , verb conjugations more. N wrinkle, pl - gae anatomy a fold crease.

Che tristezza vivere così per due tartarughine palustri. Translation of ruega at Merriam- Webster' s Spanish- English Dictionary. Jan 27 · Tarta Ruga e Furbina ( il pesce) e il lombrico.

Most commonly the term is applied to the internal surface of the stomach ( gastric rugae ).

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